Choosing your ship

SMS Von Der Tann Everybody always wants to know what ship to get and its a tough choice. There are so many choices from all of the different battleships, cruisers, and destroyers it seems impossible to choose one.

Here are few ways to folks tend to choose a ship for our hobby. Click on the headings for more detailed discussions of each topic.

Budgetary – Some folks may want a ship but their choices are limited by their available budget for the project. This may mean they will not be able to purchase and build their first choice ship.

Historical – A ship that played an important role in the war or was involved in a well known battle or incident.

Personal – This is mostly typical with the American ships as many of us have had a relative that served in the Navy or perhaps even served on one of the popular Navy ships. Perhaps you live in Texas and want to build the USS Texas? Leave a comment below if you have a personal link to a warship.

Appearance – Some of our guys just like the way a specific ship looks such as the distinctive pagodas on the Japanese shps or perhaps the atlantic bow on the Scharnhorst and Bismarck. A beautiful ship is always an easy choice to make for a model warship build.

Suitability to our hobby – It is very important to choose ships that perform well or are suitable for the beginning stages of the hobby. This will allow new captions to learn the hobby as well as be competitive at the same time.

Battling Style – Your battling style will have a lot to do with how happy you are with your first ship. If you like to get in the middle of the battle and mix it up ‘Rocky Balboa’ style.. you might want a sidemount battleship. If you want to build a very detailed model or you dont want spend a lot of time on maintenance.. you may want to choose a ‘Run and Gun’ style of ship which includes light cruisers, battle cruisers, and fast battleships with triple sterns.

How did I choose my ship? I initially saw the hobby on youtube and wanted ANY type of ship as long as it would make holes in the others guys boat!  The SMS Von Der Tann, an excellent beginners ship, was recommended to me and I bought a hull kit for it. I always liked the German ships and how their later ships resembled each other much like the Japanese ships have similar pagodas. The DKM Scharnhorst, Bismarck, DKM Prinz Eugen, and many of their cruisers have common design traits that make them very distinctive and identifiable. In the end I made my purchase based on suitability and battling style, as prior to joining the hobby,  I had never heard of the Von Der Tann. I currently run the SMS Baden which turned out to be a good beginner boat as well.

What do I recommend? –  If after reading this you have not made a choice on which ship you want to build and battle.. that is a good thing. That must mean you want to build a ship for battling and want the best option. My top choices for each fleet are below.

Allied – HMS Invincible – Get the hull, deck, and superstructure from Strike Models and talk to the group for the rest of the gear.

Axis – SMS Von Der Tann – Get the hull kit and order aircraft plywood from sig for the decks, or order the Ship kit and get the decks with it.




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