Choose your battling style

If you take a little time to think about what type of battling you like, the decision on what type of ship to build will be made much easier. In fact if you choose a ship based on a battling style you like then your enjoyment of the ship and the hobby should be much higher. This discussion will center on how the styles can affect your choice of a ship rather than get into a deep look at tactics, other sites have that covered pretty well.

So what in the world is a battling style?? How you drive and battle your ship is your battling style and there are many variations. There are a two primary battling styles such as the ‘Run and Gun’, ‘Hug and Slug’, however there are many variations of these styles.

Run and Gun (RNG) – is  a style where a ship will drive around the outside of the battle to avoid taking damage, find a target near the edge of the battle. They will then either drive past them and turn their stern towards their target area or just back right in and then shoot. The Captains then try to get their ship out of the area before the enemy ship can react. Battleships and Battle-Cruisers that utilize RNG tactics my driver further into the battle area for their shots as they can take more damage than smaller cruisers or destroyers. RNG ships are typically ships that have a speed of 22 to 24 seconds with 2 or more stern guns and no stern side-mount including all heavy and light cruisers, and destroyers. Any ship with a stern gun (straight out the back) can use this style and is a good style for beginners as it reduces the amount of damage they take, unless you make a mistake.

RNG Ships – Heavy and Light Cruisers, Destroyers, Triple stern ships like the North Carolina, South Dakota and Scharnhorst are typically used.

Hug and Slug (HNS) – is a style that is exactly what it sounds like. You get in close, ‘Rocky Balboa’ style, and slug it out. These ships will sit there and trade 1 for 1, damage for damage, until one of them backs down. Some captains never back down from a battle and others might back down after 1 or 2 shots but its still a hug and slug battle. When several ships get together and slug it out we call it a ‘fur-ball’. I think at Nationals 2013 we had 9 or 10 ships in one huge fur-ball at one time. It was awesome!! HNS ships run in the class 4 to 6 range with the class 3 dreadnoughts with stern side-mounts also being included.

HNS Ships – Typically any ship with a stern side-mount could be counted as a ‘Hug and Slug’ ship regardless of how the Captain actually chooses to drive it.

Dreadnoughts of any nation make excellent HNS ships as the sit low in the water making it hard to score points, their casements are impenetrable, and they typically turn better than more modern ships. The down-side to these types of ships is they tend to be in the speed range of 26 or 28 seconds which makes up the bulk of the ‘Slow Fleet’.  Ships in this class include the Rhineland, Baden, Konig, Warspite, Iron Duke, Kawachi, Radetsky, Revenge, Von der Tann or more.

Fast Battleships are the faster hug and slug ships and tend to be class 6 and run at 24 seconds. This group of ships includes the Nagato, Vanguard (specific setup), and Bismarck.


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