Ship Building Budget

Choosing a ship when you are on a budget can be very tricky… and disappointing. Perhaps your relative served on the USS Missouri, which in our hobby would be one of the most expensive ships to build at 8 units, and your budget only allowed for a 3 unit ship. Would you be satisfied with less? Its hard to say.

Being a Captain on a budget also means you have to make more frugal choices when picking equipment to put into your ship, which hotel you stay in when you travel, WILL?? you even travel, and other similar things.

There are some products that you can trim some money and others that I recommend you don’t. For example, I don’t buy cheap when it comes to a radio and at this time I like the Spektrum DX6i for many reasons, such as a removable gimbal with a plug, a built-in timer, binds by shorting pins rather than a push-button, and is sold in most hobby shops. Cheaper brands are often only available from the online shop.. and folks in your area may or may not have a similar radio or spare parts to help you when you have trouble.

I will discuss which equipment to choose when you get to the Choosing your equipment page using your budget as a primary factor.


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