This is a list of the parts that I currently use and where to buy them. In some cases I may use items which are no longer available and I will post the items which I will buy when I need another. Most of the items will be the same as what I am using now, however some items are different based on ship type and I will try to note that on the items. I realize some of the vendors offer many different products, but if its not listed then I dont buy it there.

I will make another page that talks about what to use and how to choose the items as this is more of a source list. It is a work in progress and I will update it as I go along.

Strike Models
Battlers Connection

Deck / SubdeckKits
Strike Models – they offer laser cut decks and sub-decks specifically cut for some of the hulls they sell.
I prefer to make my own decks and sub-deck so I use the stuff from Sig.
Sig Mfg – Deck and/or Sub-Deck aircraft plywood – size will vary on the project – Sub-decks are usually 1/4 inch 5-ply, decks are usually 1/8 inch 5-ply. I usually get 1/8, 1/4, and 1/2 and laminate together to make 10ply sheets ass needed.

Super-Structure and ship details
Turrets and SecondariesBattlers ConnectionStrike Models
Accessories, anchors, life boats, vehicles, and other related items: Battlers Connection Strike Models
Termite ArmorBattlers Connection

Drive Shaft, Props, Gears
Spur Gears – Servo City Hub-mount Gears (hubs / gears), Traxxas Spur Gear
PinionsRobinson 32P
GearboxesBattlers Connection, Traxxas Kit 1521R – 2 gearboxes (1521X), covers, 1 metal motor plate (1522X) and screws from (tower hobbies)  I made my own for the Baden
Dog-Bones and CupsDumas , Battlers Connection.

Steering, Rudders, Related hardware
Servo Saver – Kimbrough
Servo Aluminum Turnbuckle – connects servo to rudder gear – Traxxas
Rudder ServoTraxxas or Hitech HS-646WP which can be obtained from Tower Hobbies or Servo City
Servo Gear –

Air System, air tank
Air tanks (order with on/off valve)- Strike Models, Battlers Connection, Palmers Pursuit 
Clippard Fittings and Hose – Clippard direct , Battlers Connection, Strike Models
Parker Fittings and HoseDealer Locator
Solenoids – Kip Solenoids from Battlers Connection
RegulatorsPalmer Pursuit (female stabilizer for BB BC) Palmer Pursuit (rock the boat for CL), Strike Models

Batteries We constantly update what we use based on performance and reliability. We use Nimh or LifePO4 depending on the ship and the amp hours needed. Please get with the local group or club to find out what they are using. Please post a note on our facebook page.

Wire and connectors
Anderson Power Poles – Powerwerx, Tower Hobbies
Deans Ultra Plugs – Local hobby shop, Tower Hobbies, Horizon Hobby, Servo City, Servo City – ‘knock offs’
Deans 12G Wire – Local Hobby Shop, Tower Hobbies
Deans 16G Wire – Local Hobby Shop, Tower Hobbies, Horizon Hobby
Deans Wire (all) – Local Hobby Shop, Tower Hobbies, Horizon Hobby
Novak Wire – Local Hobby Shop, Horizon Hobby, Tower Hobbies

Radio EquipmentAs we don’t usually battle beyond 350 feet, any range reciever should work but results will very based on the battle area and how the reciever is mounted in the ship. Recievers will need to be water-proofed… which may void the warranty so be SURE.
Spektrum RC – DX6i DSMX – Transmitter only – Local Hobby Shop, Horizon Hobby
Spektrum RC – DX5e DSMX – Transmitter/Reciever – Local Hobby Shop, Horizon Hobby
Spektrum 6 Channel Reciever –  AR600 – Local Hobby Shop, Horizon Hobby
Spektrum 6 Channel Reciever – AR6115e – Local Hobby Shop, Horizon Hobby  – I am currently testing these

Electronics and Electrical parts
Rudder ServoTraxxas
Motors for Cruisers (365) – Battlers Connection
Motors for Battleships (550) – Battlers Connection
Pump Motor for battleshipsStingerTitan 12T also from Local Hobby Shop
Pump Motor for CruisersMini-Quake
Firing Boards – Battlers Connection (call it in), or through me (battlerabbit)
Y harness for dual ESC options
ESC Extension cable
ESC for Cruisers – Mtroniks 15
ESC for Single motor battleship – Mtroniks 25 or 40
ESC for large motor or dual small motors – Mtroniks 75 or Dual Mtroniks 40

Fiberglass, Adhesives, Sealants, Chemicals
Any CA Glue will work, I like to have thick, thin, and foam safe around the shop – Tower Hobbies
Zip KickerTower Hobbies or Local Hobby Shop
Epoxy resin, hardners, epoxy pumpsWest Systems
Polyester Resin & HardnerBondo – Home Depot, Lowes, Hardware Store
Polyester Red cream HardnerBondo – Home Depot, Lowes, Hardware Store
Fiberglass – West Systems, or local hardware store
Micro Balloons Tower Hobbies, West Systems
Microlite fillerWest Systems
Balsa filler Tower Hobbies , or any sandable wood filler from the hardware store
5 minute epoxy – any hardware store, Tower Hobbies
Corrosion X – cleans and removes corrosion from electrical connectors, also protects servo pins and other electrical connectors from corrosion, protects metal gears and other rustable items
Dielectric Grease – I mainly use it to lube tight ultra plugs but it can be used on power poles, servo connections, reciever pins. It is expensive and you can get buy with just Corrosion X if you need to.
Marine Goop or E6000 – local hardware store
Sigment glue for patching holes – Local Hobby Shop or Sig MFG
Nitrate Dope – Local Hobby Shop or Sig MFG

McMaster Carr
Small Parts
Ace Hardware
Home Depot


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